OCEAN SIDE is a company that is entirely specialized in surfing. It is run for and by surfers. 


OCEAN SIDE offers a variety of activities, presented to you here in more detail:


Surf Shop
Specialized in the sale of technical surf products, the staff consists of experts and connoisseurs of surfing. Related articles for Surf / Body board / Skate /Paddle Board may be found also.


Surf School
Ocean Side offers a very professionally run surf school with many years of experience. It is entirely based on learning people how to surf and it is dedicated only to perfection in the sport.


Surf Camp
Accommodation is designed for people residing on the island for a longer time, who want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing technique. Special accommodation and course packages are also offered.


Organization of Sport Tourism (surfing)
OCEAN SIDE has a long experience in organizing sports in the best surf destinations world wide.



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