Find links and interesting information not only about surfing on Gran Canaria, but also about culture, nightlife, shopping, events, … in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city and Gran Canaria island in general. With this authentic information you will be much better informed and know why you really should visit us.


Have fun!





LPAvisit.com – Las Palmas de G.C. official website

Lots of very interesting and current information about our city


Patronato de turismo – Gran Canaria official website

Official web page of Gran Canaria island





Ventana Azul

El mejor surf house de la ciudad


Canary Surf Federation

Information about events and surfing on Canary Islands


New Bodyboard Magazine Gran Canarnia “Secretpoints”

Spectacular pictures and videos. Events, Parties, …


LP Surf

Local Surf page. With predictions for waves in Las Palmas and Gran Canaria




Mi Playa de las Canteras
Fantastic blog with new pictures every day. Concentrated on Canteras Beach



Weblog about surfing the northcoast of Gran Canaria. Area of Gáldar



Weblog concentrated on Surfing in Las Palmas. Lots of fantastic and current pictures. Updated every week


Playa del Hombre

About a wonderful beach and surfspot on the east-coast of Gran Canaria. Local spot, but nice people. Very beautiful golden-sanded beach – very quiet


El Gran Surf

Fantastic pictures from Surfing on Gran Canaria. All kinds of spots


Surfing en la Cicer

Weblog with lots of current pictures from our Surfcamp spot La Cicer but also others spots like El Confital, El Lloret – etc. High quality pics


Tu foto de surf

Pictures from the northcoast of Gran Canariar. Bodyboarding and surfing




Cafe Central Las Palmas

Perfect for taking first drinks and start the night. Good food  for fair price. Perfecto to fill up your engines after a beautiful surf day at Canteras Beach and enjoy great music. Just a few meters away from our Surfcamp. Sometimes with live-music, surf-videos and artists


NYC Taxi Bar

Rock bar and restaurant in Playa de Las Canteras


Mojo Club (visit them on Facebook)

The place to be for live concerts and party til morning. Great live-acts, no entree, fair prices. Be there not before 1 a.m – at this the party just gets started. Located just behind Auditorio Kraus on Square “Plaza de la Musica”



Party from Tuesday til Sunday. Gets crowdy starting from 2 a.m. – great place to be during the week if you cant wait the weekend to party Las Palmas. International crowd – lots of Erasmus students. Live-acts. Entrace free but with up to 3 drinks included – good price. Just take a taxi to get there


Charleston Pub Live Music

Very special, small bar with live-music every day! Very nice, dark atmosphere. Perfect to listen to local artists – but we won´t recommend you staying there all night – theres is much more to see. Prices ok. No entrance. Located in the old-town. Take a taxi




Concert Hall Auditorio Kraus

Just 200 meters from our Surfcamp. Live Jazz Music, classic concerts and much more. Enjoy amazing views from the building over Canteras Beach and the surf spots


Musem of Modern Arts (CAAM)

In the oldtown of Las Palmas. Distance to Surfcamp: 4 kilometers. Take the busline 17 to get there in 15 minutes. Great contemporary art. Very interesting building in one of the oldest and most beautiful streets of the old-town


Theatre Pérez Galdós

Biggest and best theatre on Canary Islands. Visit their web for current information. Located in the oldtown. Again just take the busline 17 to be there in 15 minutes


Theatre Cuyas

Smaller but very interesting theatre. Homepage just in spanish. Get current information about events in the offficial tourist informations on Squares Santa Catalina and San Telmo (oldtown)


Museum for Teqnique & Science Elder

Very interesting for children. With lots of games to try and explore


African House

You can see many exhibitions and art from the african continent in this building. Really worth a visit in order to understand that canarian and african culture are closely connected





Las Palmas Carvinal

Takes place in February. Check out their web for current information. Great time to visit our surfcamp because i February there are great waves and during one month you can enjoy the crazy party on the Carnival. Live acts, spectacular shows – many of them for free and all of them open air


International Film Festival Las Palmas

Watch international, alternative films for free and open air. Normally in march – check out web for current information. Great, great oportunity to surf and see great films every day

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